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SIP Houses

O' Mac Construction specialise in the manufacture of SIP houses. SIPS buildings are highly energy efficient, strong, quiet, and draught free, resulting in lower energy consumption than more traditional builds and a resultant reduction in CO2 emissions. SIPS are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner off-site and there is minimal on-site wastage.

The polyurethane insulation and resulting low air flow means the building will remain heated evenly. This allows for the installation of a much smaller standard heating system and the possibility of exploring alternative heating systems. In either case annual heating costs will reduce dramatically.

Speed of build is excellent as the SIPS are prefabricated and pre-insulated. This allows the fast assembly (up to two times quicker than traditional timber build) of the structural frame with the building being fully insulated as soon as the panels are assembled. Fast construction allows following trades earlier site access and reduces delays arising from inclement weather.SIP Houses Scotland, O' Mac Joinery

Although, when complete a SIPS house will look no different from a traditional build the walls are stronger than in a timber frame building. SIPS buildings will last as long as traditional timber built properties and have the advantage of giving a more airtight structure preventing heat loss and moist air penetration.

SIPS can be fabricated to suit individual needs and preferences. All common internal or external finishes can be used. A significant advantage is that roof trusses are not needed, freeing up substantial amounts of extra living space in the roof area.

'If you require any further information on Sip Houses or require a no obligation quotation do not hesitate to contact us, all Sip House quotes come complete with a 3D computerised model of your new home to let you see exactly what you will be getting'