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Dry and wet rot treatments

Dry Rot and Wet Rot are wood destroying fungi which attack timber in order to extract food to maintain growth and the generation of spores. Affected timber exhibits significant loss of weight.

In buildings the result is the deterioration and ultimately destruction of the timber with serious consequences in the case of structural sections.

The problem affects all types of property, historic or modern. Dampness combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal attack.


Special low odour micro-emulsion preservative fluids are applied by spray, brush, or in paste and gel form. Our skilled joiners can replace defective timbers including flooring, structural and ornate sections.

Woodworm treatment

Woodworm Infestation or Wood Boring Beetle, as it is commonly referred to, is found in many residential and commercial buildings. Damage to timbers can occur, as wood boring beetles are able to use wood as a food source.


A thorough survey of the building is needed to locate the areas of active woodworm infestation. In domestic buildings it may be necessary to lift sections of floorboards and gain access to lofts and roof voids.

Where timbers are heavily infested by woodworm and wood rot, and have to be cut away and replaced,

The treatment for wood boring insect is to apply a suitable long lasting insecticide solution to all of the exposed timbers surfaces. This kills any insects already in the timber penetrated by the insecticide and leaves a residual in the timber that will kill eggs or hatching larve laid on the surface.

DPC injection (Damp Proof Course)

Rising Dampness can develop within walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the omission of damp proofing during earlier construction.

In most cases, rising dampness is identified by moisture readings obtained around the base of the walls, however in more severe cases of prolonged dampness, visible damp patches may appear along with hygroscopic salts on the wall surfaces.


Our remedial damp proof course treatment involves installing a chemical damp proof course using  DPC injection fluid or dpc cream, which is installed by pattern drilling the appropiate mortar course at the base of the wall and injecting the waterproofers under pressure into the masonry substrate.

Our installations are carried out to the highest standards and are covered by the most comprehensive guarantees available.


As a Biokil Crown Approved Contractor we back our confidence in our work and the materials used with a guarantee of 20 or 30 years, against a recurrence of the problem within that time. O’Mac Construction are initially responsible for honouring any remedial works that may be required under the terms of the guarantee, but should he retire or cease trading the unexpired period of the guarantee will be honoured by Biokil Crown who will arrange for any necessary retreatment works to be carried out at no additional cost to the householder. The company issuing our 30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee must have fulfilled the conditions and attained the standard required for acceptance as a Biokil Crown Approved Contractor. The Biokil Crown 30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee covers materials and labour against a recurrence of Rising Damp, Woodworm, Wet Rot or Dry Rot or problems arising from John Newton dry lining in the treated area for a period of 30 years.

The Biokil Crown Ltd 30-year Protection Scheme Guarantee is accepted by Local Authorities, Building Societies, Banks, Housing Associations, Architects and by poperty owners who want the reassurance that the issued guarantee provides them with long term total protection on the works originally carried out.

We provide a range of 10 year below ground water-proofing product guarantees including Mapei cementitious tanking systems. A 30 year above ground water-proofing product guarantee is also available.